Services offered

No project is too small, or large for us -- from a single lot, to a large development. And we make a special effort to give thorough, timely service. We offer:

  • Preliminary soil mapping and lot evaluations for proposed minor, or major subdivisions.
  • Single lot evaluations, including denied lots that may be reclaimed with the use of innovative or experimental technologies.
  • Evaluations for large-scale systems, including Ksat (hydraulic conductivity) testing.
  • Wetland delineations.
  • Soil evaluation for land application of petroleum-contaminated soils.

Before you decide on a piece of property, inspect the the soils for suitability, whatever the application or need.

Results produced

  • Developed over 300 subdivided lots, in the most limited soils, resulting in multi-million dollar homes.
  • Designed plans, which met client’s needs and budget, from a single family residence 1/2 acre tract to a 4,000 acre subdivision.
  • Provided detailed reports and analysis, to secure use of innovative solutions on limited soils, and ease of permitting for the governmental body.
  • Committed to staying on the leading edge of the industry, rules, regulations, and ideas.
  • Created Quality Control Program to be followed by all employees and subcontractors.
  • Created consulting business from ground up, resulting in quarter million dollar sales.
  • Provided in-depth soil work for wetland delineation to determine wetland restoration acreage.

Specialties: Hydraulic conductivity analysis, use of innovative products to facility wastewater systems in challenging soils.

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